We take customization to extremes. You can do that when you have access to hundreds of skilled artisans who are experts in handcraftsmanship as well as access to the latest technologies including 3D printers and robots (cool huh?). So bring it on. We love a challenge.


As a vertically integrated company, we control every aspect of the manufacturing process. Our corporate offices, located in High Point, NC, are in constant and direct communication with our 10 Chinese factories, 4 Vietnamese factories, 1 domestic upholstery factory. We have a total of 7.8 million square feet of manufacturing space, 15,000 employees with 1,000 in the United States.


Our 6.8 million square feet of manufacturing space includes everything in-house from the latest robotic and 3D priting technolgies to hand work for painted designs, veneer designs, upholstery and more. All types of finishing from metal to wood, glass and leaf work are handled in our China facilities. Dedicated teams handle special custom projects making anything you can dream of a possibility in one location.


Our factories located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam can produce casegoods and upholstery and can produce high-end metal work. High volume and program upholstery are especially suited to our capabilites in Vietnam. Our Vietnam teams are experts at producing value driven projects on-time, on-trend and on-budget.


Our 75 year old, 450,000 square foot domestic upholstery factory located in Virginia employs 625 craftsman and can produce quality custom upholstery delivered quickly anywhere in North America.


Located in High Point, NC, our headquarters houses Sales, Operations, Logistics and Customer Service giving you direct access to a responsive, knowledgable team.