If control is important to you then working as closely as possible with the factory is what you want. When you call Markor Hospitality you are calling the factory. Answers come quick and accurate. Factory direct lets you control your destiny.


Dedicated Quality Control Managers are employed throughout every step in the process from design and engineering, to customer service, manufacturing, packaging and delivery. All are empowered to address and reset if needed to ensure 5-star quality is delivered every time.


We take customization to extremes. You can do that when you have access to hundreds of skilled artisans who are experts in handcraftsmanship as well as access to the latest technologies including 3D printers and robots (cool huh?). So bring it on. We love a challenge.


10 Chinese factories. 4 Vietnamese factories. 1 domestic upholstery factory. Total of 7.8 million square feet of manufacturing space. 15,000 employees, 1,000 in the United States. Yeah, we can handle it.


Since 1989 we’ve grown to $700 million in annual revenue (and growing). We continue to invest in our factories, technology and our people. People who know furniture and watch the trends. We value our partnerships and you can feel secure working with us.